Moving labor services

Are you planning a move and don't want to spend alot on your move ? Call us today and let us help you save money. We provide quality labor that can help you as much or little as you want..

Hybrid moving - what does that mean? 

Really it's very simple. You rent or provide a truck, POD, Trailer. Then you decide how much help you want. We can help with everything else.

What do i need to provide?

* Every job needs some type of blanket to wrap your items with. even the best packed truck will cause a vibration that will damage your things. 

* Tie downs provide an extra level of safety. they are used to secure loads and specialty items.

* Appliance dollies provide the required lift for all kinds of heavy or awkward items.

Base Service

The base service is the starting point for all jobs. The Minimum on all jobs is Two techs for up to two hours. as well as a minimum of 15.90 trip charge per location. This can be adjusted to include more techs and / or hours. Additional time over the base is 65.00 per hour


Additional techs / time per hour 

Additional techs can be added to a job at the rate of


per hour / per tech

          Additional time

Additional fees  

Special items cost are in addition to the time charge. The fee will include loading and / or unloading. If there is a required number of tech for the service , it will be listed.

Multiple location:

Each location                  15.90 per location / trip

location A [load 1] to location B [unload 1] = 2 trips

back to location A [ load 2] to location B [unload 2] = 4 trips



  • Stand up               125.00 (2 T)
  • Fiber optic           295.00 (5 T)               
  • Baby grand          395.00 (4 T)
  • Grand                   595.00 (6 T)

Gun Safe:

  • Medium    (300- 400 lbs.) 175.00
  • Large        (400-600 lbs.) 295.00

Top Offers

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 If you require Driving assistance  

Please ask about availability and options. depending on local laws 

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